Grammarly Benefits - ProofreadingWhether you’re a student writing research papers, a businessperson writing professional e-mails, or even just a hobbyist writer, chances are there have been times when you needed editorial assistance.

Rather than shell out money to hire an editor, why not do it yourself instantly with the click of a button? Grammarly can help you do just that.

Grammarly Memberships

Grammarly offers a free membership that provides access to 150 critical grammar and spelling checks. This membership is ideal for those who would like to check for some quick and easy improvements that will make their writing more fluid.

If that isn’t quite enough to meet your needs, you may be interested in the Grammarly premium membership. The premium membership provides access to over 250 advanced grammar and spelling checks, suggestions on how to enhance your wording, genre-specific writing style checks, as well as a plagiarism detector.

Set goals with Grammarly

Perhaps one of the most useful features of Grammarly is the contextual, genre-specific writing style check. In order to benefit from this, make sure to set up your goals for each document.

Within the ‘Set goals’ menu, you can select from a variety of options to specify the intent of your writing, your audience, your writing style, the emotion of your writing, and its domain.

Setting these goals will allow Grammarly to provide you with the best custom-designed suggestions to enhance each document.

Grammarly Editor features

In the Grammarly Editor for premium memberships, you will be able to utilize many key features that will help to take your writing to the next level.

Among these are the checks for overused or repetitive words, plagiarism, incorrect grammar or spelling, as well as sentence fragments. In addition, you will see suggestions on word replacements and reminders to write in the active voice if you so choose.

The plagiarism check feature is especially useful to teachers or other professionals in charge of proofreading papers. Not only does it clearly highlight all of the unoriginal text, but it also directs you to any existing webpage where the plagiarized text can be found.

This is also where you can view your Score Card. This is a pop-up window that shows how well you’re doing with your writing in the areas of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing style, and vocabulary enhancements.

This Score Card provides you with a numbered score between zero to one hundred, and offers some tips on how you may be able to raise your score. You can download a detailed copy of this score card to submit to whomever requires it.

On top of the Score Card visible within each document, you will also receive a weekly report card detailing exactly how your writing measures up to others in your selected industry.

Plus, don’t forget to utilize the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome! This extension automatically spell- and grammar-checks any text that you write.

Finally, Grammarly also doubles as a cloud to easily store all of your documents and papers in one place for quick and easy reference.

Why use Grammarly?

As you can see, there are many valuable features at your fingertips with Grammarly. If you feel that your writing is lacking in professionalism or grammatical accuracy, this software could be just what you need to enhance your writing style and find satisfaction in it.

Try it out today and see for yourself how using Grammarly greatly improves the overall quality of your writing – whether it be academic, professional, or just for fun!